Transforming the world from the classroom

Be creative: find new ways to help others 


Las cuatro casas de Alegra se unen para construir una cocina en el colegio St. Leo’s Primary School en Malawi y que los más de 400 niños que asisten a esta escuela de primaria puedan recibir una comida diaria.

Desde el 9 de mayo y hasta el 21 de junio, la etapa de Secundaria en Alegra se ha propuesto un gran desafío: recaudar 5.000 euros que es el dinero que necesita la ONG Mary´s Meals para construir esta cocina.

Formas creativas para recaudar:

Las alumnas tratarán de conseguir el dinero a través de acciones patrocinadas y eventos que ellas mismas organicen. Además, estará disponible la posibilidad de donar online en esta misma plataforma.

Queremos que todos los niños tengan al menos una comida al día. ¿Nos ayudas a conseguir el reto?





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Alegra British School
Power creativity


The House System

At Alegra, the house system is a way of structuring the school vertically. The system fosters the feeling among students that they belong to a group which extends from the bottom to the top of the school. There are four houses in the School: North, South, East and West. They compete in various activities, among which is the School House Cup.

The house system is widely used in British schools and schools which follow the British model. It originated in boarding schools in which the students ate and slept in different houses during the school year. The system continues to be used in some British boarding schools.

In our school and in today’s terms, “House” refers only to a group of students who belong to the same “team” which extends right through the school. Traditionally houses take their names from saints, famous people or animals, and, in the case of the top British schools, from geographical locations or famous historical people or events. Each house has its own colour, spirit and customs which make it unique.


The Alegra for Others Project will be organised through this house system structure, each house having a main charity. Our aim is to activate the creative talents that each student at Alegra has within, as well as the time that each student at Alegra can give towards helping others. Alegra for Others will be implemented via the iHelp platform. 

Creativity, Action and Service


Challenges  ideas


Individual challenges

You can do everything that mean something special for you. You will transform this personal challenge in donations for NGO’s causes because your relatives will know how much that mean for you.

For example, participate in sport events like a Cross, tenis, paddle or golf competitions (among other sports), or doing a real effort to demonstrate how important is for you help an NGO like cut your hair, stop watching TV, reading a big book in English in only 7 days or walk to school in the mornings… Do you have another funny ideas in your mind? You can also create original challenges that attract the attention of everybody and be a famous challenger inventing funny solidarity challenges like “Ice Bucked Challenge”.

Group challenges

You can get donations creating a solidarity challenge with your class, your house, your friends or you family.
The group challenges are really impressive cause several people come together with the same purpose: help others.

Some ideas would be organize a jumble sale, sell solidarity cookies, create an solidarity collection in the school yard, participe together in a sport or cultural competition or make personal challenges that mean something special.

For example, that you will prepare during 5 days dinner for your family or that you will be a time get along with your brothers. Moreover, you have the opportunity to demonstrate how important you house is!… You can challenge the rest of houses that yours will be the one that most money raise for social causes and get the recognition between them and in your school.

Celebration challenges

There are a lot of opportunities in you daily life to give to other. For example, you can create a solidarity challenge dedicating your birthday.

You can tell your family and friends that this year you don’t want presents and instead this to be transformed in donations.
With you birthday you will help others in your country or in far places that aren’t as lucky as you are.

Likewise you can dedicate your Holy Communion or telling your parents to dedicate that to your brothers, dedicate your Christmas presents or dedicate your saint’s day.

Another idea will be to make family or  friend travels and demand people that celebrate your luck with economic help to other that need our awareness and our empathy. Any idea is welcome!